About Tehbotol Sosro

Indonesia’s first ready-to-drink tea produced by PT Sinar Sosro sold worldwide.

  • 1940
  • 1965
  • 1969
  • 1972
  • 1974
  • Present

First Appearance

In 1940, the Sosrodjojo family started their business in the town of Slawi, Central Java by producing and marketing their brewed tea under the brand Teh Cap Botol.

Gold Ideas Created

In 1965, the Sosrodjojo family expanded their business to Jakarta by implementing the CICIP RASA (product sampling) strategy in several markets. In the beginning they brewed their tea on the spot. However, this method wasn’t very successful. So they decided to peddle tea that was brewed beforehand in clean soy sauce bottles.

First Bottle Design

In 1969, the idea to sell bottled ready-to-drink tea under the brand Tehbotol Sosro emerged. With the increased interest of Jakartans toward Tehbotol Sosro, this home industry turned into mass production using a general/generic bottle design.


Second Bottle Design

The Tehbotol Sosro logo was changed to include the Sosro logo on the neck of the bottle.


Third Bottle Design

The Tehbotol Sosro logo was changed again, and at the same time its bottle was redesigned to be more unique and eye-catching. This logo and bottle is used to this day. Production has also started using high-tech machines imported from Germany. This third design is still in use today.


Indonesian's Favourite Ready-to-Drink Tea

Tehbotol Sosro has become Indonesia’s go-to ready-to-drink tea. Tehbotol Sosro has run many campaigns, from #SemejaBersaudara, #BerbagiSeribuKebahagiaan, and #SerunyaJalanTerus, to show the true meaning of togetherness.

Plantation Process
Plantation Process

Plantation Process

Tehbotol Sosro only uses original and natural ingredients. The tea leaves are handpicked from our own plantations, brewed into a fragrant tea consisting of green tea mixed with jasmine and gambier flowers to ensure a unique taste. Its characteristics and quality are always maintained and guaranteed.

Local and International Distribution
Local and International Distribution

Local and International Distribution

As of now, PT Sinar Sosro owns several factories throughout Indonesia. In developing its business, PT Sinar Sosro has distributed its products through branch offices located all over Indonesia's vast archipelago. Aside from the domestic market, PT Sinas Sosro has also penetrated the international market by exporting one-way packaging or non-glass bottle products to several countries in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Pacific Islands.