About Tehbotol Sosro

How do you spell this brand?

We noticed that many people spell this brand with a space between the word “Teh” and “Botol”. However the correct spelling is “Tehbotol Sosro”.

Does Tehbotol Sosro have a social media account?

Yes, we do. You can follow us here to get the latest info on Tehbotol Sosro:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tehbotolsosroID/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tehbotolsosroid/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tehbotolsosroID
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tehbotolsosroID

I’m not satisfied with the Tehbotol Sosro drink/packaging I purchased, how do I make a complaint?

Please contact our call center at: 08551176776 or leave us a message by filling out this form.

About Makan – Makan

What is Review?

Review is one of the platforms brought to you by Tehbotol Sosro, that is used to recommend different types of Indonesian food. You can also find the location, price, menu and rating of restaurants.

What is Story?

Story is a platform used to share Indonesian business or restaurant owners’ inspiring stories.

How do I recommend my business for Review or Story?

To recommend your business for Review and Story, please fill out the online form in our “Partnership” section. We will contact you for further information.

About Partnership

Why an online form?

An online form will help us effectively review the ideas of each proposal. This form will also help us organize our database for future partnerships. This system is also more eco-friendly than using printed your proposals.

After filling an online form, do I need to send a soft-copy and/or hard-copy of the proposal?

If you have submitted an online form, you do not need to submit a soft-copy and/or hard-copy of your proposal. Our team will review the information you submitted in the online form. Positive reviews will result in a callback by our team for further discussions.

Can I submit my proposal directly to PT Sinar Sosro or send it via mail without filling an online form?

Proposals submitted in person or via mail will not be processed unless an online form is also submitted. Proposals can only be submitted in person or via mail if notified/invited to do so from our team.