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BerbagiSeribuKebahagiaan (Sharing a Thousand Happiness), is a statement raised by Tehbotol Sosro to celebrate the 2019 Ramadan. For Muslims, Ramadan is a month filled with purity and happiness. Ramadan is also a time to gather with family and loved ones. Tehbotol Sosro reminds us that happiness can be shared endlessly, and is always overflowing. Happiness can be shared in many ways. In this instance, Tehbotol Sosro chooses to share that happiness through a unique program by way of vending machines.

¬†This program was held twice in 2019, at Central Park Mall between the 20th-26th of May, and at Summarecon Mall Serpong between 28th of May and June 2nd. With every purchase of a package of Tehbotol Sosro at the “Berbagi” (sharing) vending machine located in those two malls, our brothers and sisters living in the rural area of Tajur Halang, Bogor and passengers at the Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal going home for Eid Al-Fitr will receive a similar free package of Tehbotol Sosro through the “Bahagia” (happy) vending machine located in those two locations. And to make it more special, we can even greet each other through the Tehbotol Sosro vending machines camera and live video.

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