Bebek Kremes Bu Uju

Bebek Kremes Bu Uju, located in Slipi, West Jakarta, is so famous for its delicious fried duck with crispy crackers and delicious chili sauce. Behind this success, there is the figure of Mrs. Uju who worked hard to manage this business from scratch.

The business that has been started since 2008 was started by Mrs. Uju by selling food on street vendors. This street stall located in front of Pelni Hospital still lasts today and can be visited from 5 PM to 9 PM. While the restaurant in Slipi is open from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Mrs. Uju, who initially worked at a Sundanese stall since 2004, felt motivated to open her own business. That’s why she opened Bebek Kremes Bu Uju. Various obstacles from the disputed building to being forced to move have been passed by Mrs. Uju for 11 years that she has managed this business. The building in Slipi used to be an old building that was no longer suitable to use, so Mrs. Uju had to start from scratch by rebuilding it.

In addition, Mrs. Uju also told us that they have started collaborating with one of the online taxi applications and even got a title of best-selling duck dish. This has encouraged Mrs. Uju to open a branch in Tangerang that has been running for 5 years and is currently managed by her child. Mrs. Uju also intends to open another branch in Tomang so that the people in Jakarta can easily get their favourite duck dish and sambal gledek which are loved by many people.

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